E-Separation System

E-Separation System

E-Separation System is an enterprise application to automate the employee separation process. This system will automate the employee’s existing task to start the separation process and gets clearance from all departments through online. After obtaining the clearance from all departments, Human Resource Development will process the employee separation through online and it gives the relieving letter to the employee.

This application can be used for a college scenario. A student should obtain a no-due certificate from the different departments such as library, hostel, etc, before completing his course. By using this application, student can get no-due certificate from the all departments.

Software Requirements:

Operating System: Windows XP/2000

Front End: PHP

Back End: Apache HTTP server 2.2

Hardware Requirements:

Processor: Pentium Processor IV or higher

RAM: Minimum 1 GB RAM

Hard Disk: 60 GB Hard Disk or more


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