Cyber Hotelier

The main aim of this proposed project is to develop a system to fulfil the requirements of guests in the hotel. This system should allow the customer to reserve the rooms in a hotel throughout the world. This is a computerized system. By using this system, the customer can check the availability of rooms in hotel and can make the room booking. Also, he can know information about the hotel. We can use this system to store the room booking information.

This System will provide the highest level of individual guest services through the comprehensive features. The main features of this system are:

  • It stores the up-to date information of room reservations in hotel.
  • It provides a brief description about the services offered by the hotel such as the food services, cab services, bed, laundry…etc.
  • It manages the operations of hotel and processes the modules.
  • It stores the history of guests and customers.
  • It provides the hotel information ( i.e. location of the hotel, the total number of rooms in the hotel, the route map of the city showing the route to the hotel) to the customers.

When a customer arrives to the hotel, the hotel receptionist will access the room reservation information very easily and quickly. Then he will do the check-in process. By using this system, the receptionist can check the available rooms in hotel.

Software Requirements:

Operating System Server: Windows XP or later

Front End: Microsoft Visual Studio .Net-2008

Back End: Microsoft SQL Server-2005

User Interface: Asp.Net with Ajax

Client: Microsoft Internet Explorer

Hardware Requirements:

Processor: Intel Pentium IV Processor or higher

RAM: 512 MB Ram

Hard Disk: 20GB HDD or more

Mouse: Optical Mouse

Key board: 104 keys