Blood Donation Agent System

Blood Donation Agent System

The main aim of Blood Donation Agent System project is to help the patients who are seeking for the fresh blood at a particular location. In this project, we are storing the information of the blood donors. The persons who are interested in donating the blood to patient should register in this project. There are no complications in this project because here we are not storing the blood. This software is fully integrated with Content Management System (CMS) and Customer relationship management (CRM) solution. The proposed project should save time, reduce the manual work and it should be user-friendly, easy to use. When the patient makes request for blood donation, this system provides the information of the blood donor.

This project stores the blood donor’s information in the centralized database and it is designed with distributed architecture. The application for the storage of the data is designed with the help of the constructs of MS-SQL Server. By using the ASP.Net technologies, we can design all the user interfaces. By using the SQL Connection methodology, the database connectivity is planned. The data protective mechanism and security standards have been given a big choice for proper usage. This application takes care of the standards that are put forwarded by the administrative staff, different modules and their associated reports which are produced as per the applicable strategies.

Software Requirements:

Operating System: Windows XP/2003

Front End:,

Back End: SQL Server/ MS Access

User Interface: HTML, CSS

Client-side Scripting: JavaScript/VB Script

Hardware Requirements:

Processor: Minimum Pentium IV System with 2.8 GHZ Processor

RAM: Minimum 512 MB

Hard Disk: 40 GB HDD

FDD: 1.44MB

Monitor: Minimum 14 inch screen monitor

Mouse: 3 Button scroll/ Wireless mouse

CD Drive: 52 X

Keyboard: Minimum 108 keys

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