Haulage Management System

The transportation of cargo from one location to another location is managed by the haulage company. This system needs an appropriate planning for the effective operations. Many haulage operators are not computerized, and either they are using obsolete technology or works in an ad-hoc manner. It creates Poor cooperation between the operators and their customers, Planning and Reporting, Unstructured business processes, lack of Trailer Monitoring and lot of paperwork in Requesting for cargo transportation.

A centralized, online, web based application is proposed to provide solution to the problems of haulage management and to fulfil the functional requirements of haulage management. By using Microsoft Technology (ASP, Visual Basic) and Oracle 8i as the RDBMS, this system is developed.

The internal users and registered customers of the haulage management system will get good delivery, services -collection, staging and diversion. Based on his convenience, customer can use these services, he can place order and can check his bill details by using this system. Accountant uses it for billing purpose and the planner allocates, arranges or plans CDA’S for the voyage by using this system.

With the help of ROT (request of transportation), a customer can place/update/cancel his orders and then order cost is calculated as a background process. There can be 4 CDA’s for one order. CDA’S (jobs) are created from the job queue as a background process, that is dismissed during periodic intervals & then jobs are assigned to the Prime Movers.

Planning is the important area of the Haulage Management System. The planners can make plan for consignment of the same day or the next day by using this system. The planning will start at 00.00 hours and end at 23.59 hours. A list of CDA’S planned for a specific day is displayed by this system. Trailer & Driver management, Prime Mover, Master Maintenance information details are provided during planning.

The invoice information with respect to order & date is managed by the accountant. The accountant will store the payment for an order from customer database. Bill is created from customer & accountant point of view. Report is created about the status of CDA’S and bill & payment details, commissioned or scrapped PM ‘S, trailers.

The main purpose of this document is to explain briefly about Requirements, Scope and Design Specifications of the Haulage Management System. The computerization of Haulage Management System is main aim of this project. We developed this system based on industrial requirement and industrial knowledge of Haulage System for Haulage Management Companies. in this system, by using ROT(Request On Transportation) page the customer can place their order through online.

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