Network Monitoring for Remote Task Executor

The main objective of this Project is to find the different active nodes connected on the network and to perform various remote operations.
• Adding New Nodes
• Remote Java properties
• Remote task execution
• Host task Executor
• Analyzing the network.
• Checking Remote Platform
• Shutdown Remote Node
-are the main modules of this project.

Firstly, the user should add node name to the system using Add Nodes module. Later, the user can proceed to perform the operation on remote system. In Remote Task Executor, the user can perform the remote operations like Winword,Calculator, opening Notepad, Shutdown, Time Execution on remote system. By selecting the preferred node, he can perform the remote operations. In Remote File Manager, the user can choose the remote system and list the files and folders present in the remote system. Also he can download the files in to the host node. In Remote Java Properties, the user can find the JRE directory, java home path and JVM version in selected node.
In Checking Remote Platform, the user can identify the JRE directory,JVM version and java home path in selected remote node. In Host Task Executor, the user can perform the operations like WinWord, Calculator, opening Notepad, Time Execution, Shutdown only in the particular system. In Shutdown Remote System, the user can perform the remote shutdown by specifying time to the remote nodes.


Operating System : Windows XP/98/ 2000
Technologies : J2SE (network,IO Swings, Util,crypto)
Tools : JDK (Java Development Kit)1.5.0

Processor : Intel Pentium IV or higher
RAM : Mininum 512 MB
Hard Disk : 40GB HDD or more
Mouse: Optical mouse
Keyboard: 104 keys
Monitor: 14″ SVGA Digital Color Monitor
Floppy Drive : 1.44MB


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