Development of an Online Course Portal for a campus


The main objective of the online course portal project is to develop a courses portal for a campus or organization. The registered users of this system can join to a course available in the site and they can access the materials published for the course. A person can register to the system as a Faculty for course or he can register as student of a course. When a person registers himself as a Faculty, an approval mechanism will send an email to the Administrator for approving the person as a Faculty. This online course portal contains admin approval page. In this page, the admin can approve the faculty members for the course. There will be a Course Portal home page. This page contains a registration link as well as a login screen.


The course home page has the title of the course and a brief description about course. This portal contains an announcement section, which contains the latest announcements. A course content section will give the links for the material available for the course. Also there is a discussion board for each course. Here, the students can discuss among themselves. This portal contains an extra link for the faculty members, where they can upload the course contents in a zip file format. The faculty members can create a test for the course specifying the test title and a set of multiple-choice questions and duration of time of the test. The course content should be html pages and they should be uploaded in the zip file format.

The main users of the system are given below:

  • Administrator
  • Student (for a course)
  • Faculty


The main functions of the administrator are as follows:

  • By providing the course title and description, the admin can create a Course.
  • He can approve the faculty members for a Course.
  • Can view all the feedbacks received.
  • Also he can delete the members of a Course
  • Publish the announcements in the announcement section.

Software Requirements


Back End: SQL Server/ ORACLE

TOMCAT Servlet Engine


Hardware Requirements

Processor: Intel Pentium IV or higher

RAM: Minimum 1 GB RAM

Hard Disk: 40 GB or more




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    Can I have full report of this project Development of an Online Course Portal for a campus

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