Here we shared PayPal payment gateway for ASP which helps users to make payment through paypal. The paid amount which displays in the Paypal account. This is the simple script which user can easily implement to their project. This payment gateway allows to make payment through online and even it stores paid customers data in the Microsoft access database. Before using user must create account in paypal account in the paypal site.

PayPal payment gateway for ASP

Programming language: ASP 3.0

Database : Microsoft Access

Features of this project:

  • This is the simple script for PayPal automation service.
  • Users can make payment through this project.
  • The paid amount immediately appears in Paypal account.
  • The database stores paid customers details.
  • The script is secure and developed using ASP script 3.0.

Here is the simple way how to use the PayPal automation service for the payments and save customer data in to database:

Installation procedures:
1) Copy the DATABASE and PAYPAL directory in your site. (The download link is in the bottom of the website.)
2) Make sure then DATABASE directory have Write System Permissions (Everyone Account – full permissions) and remove Read Permissions from IIS.
3) Open pay.asp file with a text editor and modify PayPal Email Informations, your Domain informations and Your Product Informations;

‘ paypal account informations
const my_paypal_email = “your paypal email account

‘ my domain informations
const return_page = “your site address

‘ my product informations
const item_price = “product price
const item_name = “product description
const item_quantity = “product quantity
const item_cod = “product code
const currency_type = “currency type; USD for USA Dollars or EUR for Euro

note: all the items are enclosed between apexes

4) Open notify.asp file with a text editor and modify Email Informations.

‘ email informations
const myEmail = “your email address
const myEmailLogin = “your username login for SMTP server
const myEmailPassword = your password login for SMTP server
const mySMTPServer = “your SMTP server address
const myDomain = “your site address

Note: all the items are enclosed between apexes. 

Download Source code:




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