ASPMyAdmin For SQL Server is the tool to connect SQL server. This has full features to connect Microsoft SQL server as well as select the record, insert the record, update the record, delete the record and many additional features. This has full-features inbuilt source code which helps to develop asp website source codes rapidly and effeciently.

ASPMyAdmin For SQL Server

ASPMyAdmin For SQL Server

Programming language: ASP 3.0

Database Programming : SQL server

ASP 3.0 is the latest version. You can install with help of IIS server. In the control panel click on Add remove programs. Then click on Add windows program. There you click on check box Internet Information Server. Then it allows to install the iis server. It creates wwwroot in the c drive. Inside inetpub you must copy this code. Then you can start working in this.

Database you can use SQL server 2005 or SQL Server 2008. In the database you must database, under the database create tables. Under each table create necessary columns. Then you can connect to the server by entering server name, user name and password. If it is not connected then the system displays invalid database connection string.

config.asp has database configuration details. You must configure following details before starting executing the project.

	Dim sName
	Dim UID
	Dim passwd
	Dim dbName


All the functions stores in the functions.asp. This file is inside function folder. The dbtable.asp has table details with sql statement. After the configuration the system inserts sql tables to the database.

Download source code files:

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Note: If you like the product please let me know. I am waiting for your comments. Any bug you find please report me. I will try to rectify. I am planning to release another version of ASPMyAdmin within few months with some more
features and flexibility. But for that I need your help. So please report the bugs and give your suggestions.

For video tutorials kindly refer the following link: Click here>>



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