Insurance is the protection that one make or any kind of loss that may be related to the death, accidents etc. There will also be insurances for the vehicles where people will be able to get the amount for the damage that a vehicle has undergone. It is a means of protection from the financial loss. There will be some insurance agents who act as agents for the insurance companies. The insurance management system will help in maintaining the insurance policy that a person has done with the particular insurance agent for a particular company. This will be an interesting projects idea that one can work on.

Insurance Management System

The main advantage of this project is it stores and tracks all insurance details. If customer asks any details about insurance the employees of insurance company can provide complete details about insurance, renewal, etc. The features that can be included in the insurance management system are as follows:

  • Manage clients in one location: Keeping all of your business in one place means you don’t have to chase paper when a person needs service.
  • Track revenue streams: You will be able to track the revenue a person can gain from the particular insurance policy that he has done.
  • Service policies: There can also be different service policies that this application can contain and give information about.
  • Manage the producers: Agency owners can add new users and reassign policies as needed.
  • Customers database management: The information related to the customers like name, address, contact number, policy details and many more information can be stored in the database through this application.

Huge insurance cooperation will benefit from such systems.  People will be able to manage their clients and premiums better with this system in place. If you want to know any information related to the policy then you can just get it in just one click. People will be having the updated information related to the policy that they have done in the particular insurance cooperation through the insurance agents.

Programming language : VB.NET

Download Source code:

Download Project Source Code

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