The rent car application will help the car riders to locate the type of car that will be provided for rent and enjoy the ride. You will be able to search for the car of your choice for rental in the town. You can use this application remotely anywhere from the world and enjoy the ride. The price may be depended on the number of hours that you drive. Most of the people in the world will have a craze about the cars that are being bought in the market. But some people will be having the craze of enjoying car rides in the new cars that are introduced into the market.

Rent Car System

Top Level design of Rent Car System:

rent car system

The rent car system application must have a strong database management. The car owners and the customers can have a separate login id and password. The car owners can upload the exact location of where the car is located. Then it will be easy for the customers to find the exact location without much search. This is one of the interesting and a unique idea that one can work on. The features that can be included in the rent car system are as follows:

  • Car owners database management system: The database of the owners of the car must be organized properly. This may contain details like name address, contact number, type of the car and so on.
  • Category: There will be categories like the type of car, town and so on through which the customer can search for the car of his choice.
  • Price of the ride: The price of the ride should be specified properly to avoid any confusion later.
  • Customer database: The customer details must also be kept in track. It will help in allowing some discounts to the customers if he has taken the car ride many numbers of times.

Project language:

  • Front End: ASP.NET
  • Back End: SQL Server

Download project:

Download Project Source Code


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