As the name suggests, this database management system project is related to the storage of information regarding the library. Library is the place with the huge collection of books. It is place from where the students and the faculties issue the books for their reference purposes. But the maintenance of keeping the records of issuing and borrowing is difficult if you use a normal book as a registry. To make this task easier, the library management system database will be very useful. It helps in maintaining the information regarding the issuing and borrowing of books by the students and the faculties.

Library Management System Database Project

The students and the faculty will be able to issue the books from the library. There will be different limitations on the number of days that the books can be issued for. There will be a unique id for each book. If the books are returned late then the fine will also be issued. This library management system will help in keeping track of all these information. In the library, confusions will be created regarding the issue, renewal and the returning of books if the information regarding it will be registered in the book. These confusions can be overcome by the use of the library management system database project. Using this project the librarians can store the information of the book borrower, name of the book, author’s name and the number of copies issued. It can also have the information about the fine for the late returning of the book. Each book will be having a unique id. All the information regarding the book and also the borrower is kept in track in this system. This will reduce a lot of work that the librarians had to do in order to keep track of the books that are issued to.

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