With the change in the technology, even we should adapt to the changes that is take place in and around us. When you go to the school or college offices there you might have noticed a huge heap of files that would be bundled up and kept it somewhere in the corner. It is in those files and folders where the information of the students and the staffs will be stored. There is no security provided to this information stored in these huge heaps of files. The school cum college management project helps in overcoming all these problems. The information of the staffs like name, address, qualification, classes handled will be stored in this database. There can also be information about the labs that are present in the school so that you can see to it that there will be no overlapping of the different classes that is to be taken in the same classroom.

School Cum College Management System

The modules included in this application are as follows:

  • School module: This module will contain the activities that are related to the school.
  • Employee module: This module will help in recording the details of the staffs or the employees without any difficulty.
  • Identity card module: This module will be res responsible for generating the unique identity card for the staffs and the students in the schools or colleges.
  • Admission module: The admission of a student into school or college involvrs a lot of work. This module will accomplish this task.
  • Transaction module: This module will look after the fees that is transferred by the students at the time of admission.
  • Display module: This module will display the information of the students of the schools or colleges.
  • Report card module: This module will be responsible for generating the report card of the students with great ease.

Programming Language:

  • Front End: VB.NET
  • Back End: SQL Server

Download Source code:

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