Medical Management System project used to maintain and track medicine stock inventory detail and store customer and bill detail for medical store. This system is for medical store which is developed using VB.NET and Microsoft Access driver mdb used as back-end of the project.

The Medical Management System is a medicine stock inventory system used in medical store. This software stores detail of medicines, purchase, stock and sales detail. This software will generates bill for every sales and generate reports for stock, sales and for customer. As we know that all software needs database, here in this Medical Management System we used Microsoft Access – MDB database.

Medical Management System
Login Page of Medical Management System

Project Modules of Medical Store software:

  • Medicine category module: This stores different types of medicine category records. This has Add, Edit, Delete and View options.
  • Medicine module: This stores various types of medicine records. Even this a settings page which has Add, Edit, Delete and View options.
  • Purchase module: This module used to store purchase record. Medical store purchasing medicines from supplier.
  • Stock module: This module stores available stock with expiry date. Each medicine has expiry date. After the expiry date the medines should not count in the stock.
  • Reorder module: This module allows user to re-order same medicines again.
  • Supplier module: This module stores medicine supplier record with supplier profile details.
  • Billing Module: This module stores customer order details with purchased medicines, date of purchase, quantity, cost and grand total.
  • Report Module: This module generates purchase report, sales report and billing report.

Programming Language

  • Project Type : Desktop / Windows Application
  • Technology Used: VB.NET
  • Database: Microsoft Access Driver (MDB)

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Note: This project developed using Visual studio 2008 and Office 2007. This works and tested in Visual studio 2012. SAP Crystal report used to generate and view reports. For video tutorials and project demonstration kindly visit following link.

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