The ICE Factory Accounting Software project is to develop a system for the company which maintains the accounts of Cube Ice Making Factory which includes the Stock, Customer Information, Bills, Receipts, Expenses and Monthly sales of the company as well as the employee payroll.

ICE Factory Accounting Software

This ICE Factory Accounting Software also used:-

  • To generate the quick reports
  • To make accuracy and efficient calculations
  • To provide proper information briefly
  • To provide data security
  • To provide huge maintenance of records
  • Flexibility of transactions can be completed in time

Languages to be used

Project Modules of ICE Factory Accounting Software:

  • Stock: Company manufactures the ice blocks daily. Depending on the rate of production stock is updated.
  • Sales: Company deals with Manufacturing and selling of Ice Blocks to the Customers as well as retailers. Day wise Sales details are maintained. For Every 15 days Sales Reports are generated for the Customers.
  • Sales Bill: Depending on the Sales Reports, Bills are generated twice in a month for the customers.
  • Employee Payroll: Depending on the manufacturing and storage quantity of Ice Blocks the Commission is calculated for the employees. Monthly Commissions are added up to Basic Salary of the employee, Hence the Salary is calculated.
  • Expenses: Depending on the industrial expenses the records are maintained. Expenses could be paid through cash or account.
  • Reports: Monthly sales report, payroll report, expense report, income reports are generated.

Product Features

  • The major features of the ICETECH are organised according to its main components. The features of the ICETECH are as follows:
  • Keeps the track of the transactions done in the Company and Produce Bills, Receipts.
  • Up-to-date Reports are generated.
  • Manufacturing and Sales details are maintained.
  • Employee Payroll is maintained.
  • Reduces manual work and time consumption
  • Provides Data security
  • No Data loss and Misuse of data is avoided.

Download Source code:

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Download link contains complete source code, Synopsis, SRS and ER Diagram.


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