As the name suggests, the online hostel management system helps in booking the seats in the hostels and also to maintain the details of the already booked seats. It will be one of the important projects that will simplify the work of the institutions in getting the seats booked in the hostels with great ease. Hostels are the part of the institutions which will help the students to stay here who are coming from far places. It will help the students in getting the seats in the hostels without any difficulty and will also help in maintaining transparency. It will help in simplifying life of everyone to acquire seats with great ease.

Hostel Management System

Hostels are very essential for the students who come from far places. The cost of the hostels must also be at reasonable cost. The students who want to book the seats in the hostels then they can login using the unique login id and the password.  Once the seat is available then it can be booked by the student. The payment can be done only after the confirmation of the seat that is booked. The interface must be simple and easy to understand. This will be one of the projects that will help the colleges to manage the hostel accommodation easily. The features that can be included in the hostel management system are follows:

  • Seat database management: The seats that are present in the particular hostels must be updated from time to time. This will help in maintaining the seats present in the hostels in a well organized way.
  • Simplify the work: This will also help in simplifying the work of the colleges related to the hostel accommodations.
  • Price: The cost of the room for a person must also be mentioned properly. There should not be any discrimination in this.
  • Transparency: This will help to maintain transparency between the students and the college.

Programming Language:

  • Front End : VB.Net
  • Back End : SQL Server

Download VB.Net Source code:

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