Gym center Management System allows the user to store the, employee details, customer details, gym equipment details etc. This system allows storing the details of all the data related to gymnasium. The system is strong enough to withstand regressive yearly operations under conditions where the database is maintained. The implementation of the system in the organization will considerably reduce data entry, time and also provide readily calculated reports. This makes system fast in processing, with good user interface so that user can change it and it can be used for a long duration of time without errors and maintenance.

Gym center Management System is a standalone system that supports two users. It is mainly used for maintaining the Customer details, Employee details, Employee Payroll details and for the purpose of Report generation.

Gym center Management System

Languages used

  • Front End: Visual
  • Back End: Microsoft SQL (Structured Query Language) Server

Modules of Gym center Management System

  • Registration module:

When a new member joins the gym, his/her record is saved in the database. Their personal information including name, address and phone number is collected. The receptionist also provides timings according to his/her convenience. According to details entered, different offers are provided which includes student offer, couple offer and kids offer. Otherwise, there is general membership. Whenever needed, you can access details from the database.             

Personal details of the employees are stored in the database including name, age, designation, address etc. Whenever needed, you can access it from the database.

When a new member joins the gym his/her details are added into the database. When a new employee joins the gym his/her details are added into the database.

When a registered member quits the gym his/her membership is cancelled.

Member details can be updated in the database at any time. Employee details can be updated in the database at any time.

  • Packages module:

It includes 1month package, 3months package, 6months package and 1year package. A member who joins the gym can opt for any of these. And also it consists of training package which includes gym package which is general, premium training package and platinum training package. Each package has its own method of training. If you select 1package and also if you need to opt some more from other package it will be appreciated as of your amount will be added up and stored in the database.

  • Payment module:

Account is maintained in the database for the amount paid and the balance amount if any, for all members.  Payment can be done either in cash, cheque or card.

Equipment Details:

Admin has the authority to add the details of gym equipments to the software. He can also modify it. This keeps track of number of equipment present in the gym.

Salary and Attendance:

Here we calculate the salary to be paid to the employees. We calculate the salary according to the package opted by the members by deducting the tax amount. The remaining amount is shared equally by the trainer and the gym. His/her attendance will be marked by the receptionist. At the end of the month, the total number of days attended is calculated in order to calculate the employee’s salary.


Here the user can look through the salary given to the employees for every month. Also the details of the members and employees will be available. It also helps the user to inform the members when the expiry date of the package is nearing.

Video Demonstration:

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