Gas Agency Management System Project Synopsis

Gas is one of the components that are required for preparing the food that is necessary for the human beings. Without the food and the water no humans can survive on this earth. Nowadays we see even the poor people having the gas connection facility which is a good sign of the overall development of the country. This Gas Agency Management System takes care of Customer information maintenance, Stock monitoring (cylinders), Printing bills and generating reports. Presently the customer details, product details, supplier details stock and customer requirements are handled manually. This might result in some errors while entering the data manually. To solve this problem, the gas agency management system is proposed.

This system makes billing for customer easier and gas agency will accept customer order for gas cylinder only after completing a certain period from the previous delivery. The stock of gas and all its details are processed swiftly. The features that can be included in the gas agency management system are as follows:

  • Customer details: The details of the customers can be added, modified or deleted. This will help in reducing the pen paper work.
  • Stock maintenance: The stock monitoring provides availability of the stock in gas agency. There will be many agencies where there will be stock of the particular gas available.
  • Billing details: It will help in printing bills for every sale made and finally the reports are generated based on the transactions made.
  • Delivery details: The details of the delivery of the gas to the particular address of the customer will be stored in the database with great ease.
  • Price details: The price of the gas cylinder can be stored with the help of this application.
  • Booking details: The booking details of the particular cylinder can be stored in the database with great ease.
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