Fish Meal and Fish Oil Inventory is a software application developed for Fishmeal and Fish oil suppliers. They are the Manufacturers, Exporters and Suppliers of Fish Meal and Fish Oil products. This inventory application is very user-friendly standalone software which maintains clients record, purchase report, raw fish records, and client wise freight details.

About Fish Meal and Fish Oil Inventory : This company situated in Goa, which aima to provide high quality fish meal products and ensure that all Products are well processed using well-accomplished and experienced professionals through an efficient, environmentally and socially responsible operation.

Fish Meal and Fish Oil Inventory

Features of the application:-

  • Add / Edit / Delete Client records
  • Add / Edit / View Raw fish record
  • View Payment record
  • Clientwise invoice record
  • Raw materials details
  • Datewise Frieght details
  • Daily / Monthly / Years raw materials history
  • Payable record

Programming Language:

Advantages of this project:

  • No data loss.
  • Easy to track Customer Vehicle Status.
  • Monthly Group Bills are generated at a time for all the customers.
  • Records could be found based on various search options.


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