Coffee Estate Management system is the system that manages all the business operations of Coffee Estate. This System automates and simplifies all the functions of Coffee Estate. This system is a modern system which is helpful for Coffee Estate Owners to handle all the operations of the Estate. This project developed using VB.NET and all the record stores in SQL database.

Coffee Estate Management system

Purpose of Coffee Estate Management System

We attempt to make the application of Estate Management System to the Coffee Estate. It becomes essential to make a proper managed Information System so that there can easy access to the Required records and get the desired information to whom it may be required. After all it is far better than the traditional approach.

The main objective of the application is to automate the existing system of manually maintaing the records of the workers, Inventory, Payroll, Treatment etc. In this project once the information is inputted, it will provide quick information regarding data

Once implemented, this Estate Management system will positively impact virtually everyone associated with the Estate. The new system will increase data accuracy, make Estate  management more secure, effective, convenient and accessible and begin to coordinate information across the system.

Scope of Coffee Estate Management System :

The main scope of our Estate Management System project is that, it’s a user friendly application and this project is used to give maximum information to the Management about Estate transactions etc.The Project is very convenient for the user as it minimizes the process work as well as the tedious job. Data Approach and Access made easier and convenient.

Languages Used:-

  • Front End : VB.NET
  • Back End : SQL (Structured Query Language)

Project modules

  • Workers: It deals with Personal details,Working details,Financial transactions of the Workers.
  • Treatments and Maintenance: It deals with treatments like manure, Irrigation, Cleaning, Fencing, warehouse maintenance etc.
  • Production: It deals with the quantity of Production and curing along with the market details of the Coffee Product.
  • Estate Payroll: It maintains the Accounts and Financial status of the Coffee Estate.
  • Reports: Graph Representing the Yearwise Profits and Production of the Coffee Estate

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