Attendance Reporting System is the software application which generatesĀ  monthly attendance report. Attendance is the factor that is important in the life of the students and the employees of the organization. It is the factor that matters a lot to the people in their career. The higher authorities will screw the people a lot if their attendance is not as they had expected. It may also result in the removal of the employee from his position. The attendance management system will help in managing the attendance of the employees of the organization and the students of the institutions in a well organized way. This will be a unique project idea that one can work on.

attendance system

The attendance management system application will help in maintaining the attendance of the employees and of the students in a well organized way. Due to the shortage of attendance, the students will not be given the hall ticket to write the examination. This will be the normal situation that every student in the institution faces. They need to pay some extra fine in order to get the hall ticket to write the examination. Even in the organizations, the shortage of the attendance might result in the withdrawal of the job. The user interface must be simple and easy to understand. The employees and the students will be having the having the separate login id to view the attendance status of the particular month. The modules that are included in this application are as follows:

  • Login registration: The admin has the authority for registering the users into the application.
  • Employee masters: This module will allow the user to enter the users to enter the details like name, address, designation, basic salary etc with great ease.
  • Report: A report can be generated which can allow the user to calculate the total payment or the salary of each employee.
  • Logout: This module will allow the user to logout of the application.

Modules of the software:

Account Configuration:

Login registration: Admin has more authority than any other users. He can choose any user to use the software and the modules he select, can only be viewed and used by that particular employee. Admin provides username and password to employee for login purpose.

Password change: The user can change the password by entering his first password if necessary.

Login History: The software keeps track of the login history. This can be viewed only by the admin. It provides the employees login time and logout time. Through this the admin comes to who has worked how much.

Employee Masters: Employee master is included where the user can enter his name, address, contact and his basic salary. The user can add, delete or modify the existing details.

Mark Attendance: Now the employee can login and need to go to his/her profile where he/she can see the Mark Attendance. On click on that module, the user gets to see a form. On a right click, another pop-up screen will appear. It consists of his/her name and the date. He just needs to fill his/her status. The status is a master. It includes Morning attended, day closed, lunch etc

Report: At the end of the month report is generated to calculate the payment of each customer who arrived and purchased the apartment in that particular month.

Logout: This module allows the user to Logout the application. Further operations cannot be performed after user exits.


Language: Microsoft Visual Studio 2008

Database: Microsoft SQL server 2008

Download Source code:


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