VB.NET has a huge variety of controls that helps to create rich user interface. Here we created different types of most commonly used VB.NET controls and its properties. We created vb.net project to each controls. These examples are very easy to learn for beginners.

1 Forms – Forms to build user interfaces. Visual studio application opens default blank form each time. – Download
2 TextBox – This control allows user to input text.
3 Label – Label control just displays text on the forms.
4 Button – When we click button it perform some task. – Download
5 ListBox – ListBox control displays a list of choices in the listed menu. – Download
6 ComboBox – Combo box control displays a list of choices in a dropdown menu – Download
7 RadioButton – A RadioButton control in vb.net which provides a round interface to select one option from a number of options. – Download
8 CheckBox – A CheckBox control in vb.net which provides a sqare interface to select multiple options. – Download
9 PictureBox – You can place images of any format in this toolbox. – Download
10 ProgressBar – Using this control we can deplay the progress of any background activity. – Download
11 ScrollBar – It has two types . I.e; vertical and horizontal scroll bar. – Download
12 DateTimePicker – It displays date and time in the specified format. – Download
13 TreeView – Treeview is the hierarchical dataset in VB.NET. – Download
14 ListView – It displays a collection of items that can be displayed using one of five different views. – Download

Other controls:

15. Timer property – Download

16. Print Dialog – Download

17. OpenFileDialog – Download

18. OpenDialogBox – Download

19. MenuControl Property – Download

20. Form menu bar – Download

21. FontDialogProperty – Download

22. Dynamic control – Download

23. Color Property – Download



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