Online Bus Reservation System

Buses are the common means of transport that allows the passengers to move from place to place. Most of the people will not be able to book the bus tickets online and reserve the seats since there will no facility that will be provided to book the tickets through online mode. But what if the reservation can be done through the bus ticket reservation system application? Yes it can be achieved through the use of this application. The bus reservation application will help in booking the tickets online through the use of this application. People will be able to enjoy the smart way of booking the bus tickets online in a smart way.

The features that can be included in the bus reservation system are as follows:

  • Passenger database management: The details of the passengers who have booked the tickets online can be maintained in this application. It may contain the details like name, address, contact number, number of the seats booked, amount paid.
  • Details of the buses: There can also be details that can be provided about the various buses that you need in to reach the particular destination. This will help in saving the time.
  • Price: The cost of the bus ticket should be mentioned clearly.
  • Source and destination: The source and the destination of the particular bus must be mentioned without any confusion.
  • Online payment: The payment of the bus ticket can be made through the online or the offline mode.
  • Seat availability: The seats that are available in the particular in bus that one intends to go can also be mentioned in this application with great ease.
  • Category: You will be able to search for the buses based on the source, destination, cost of the ticket and so on.


Online Bus Reservation System

programming language: ASP3.0


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