Online Book Store

As the name suggests, the online bookstore is the project through which one will be able to buy and sell the books through online mode. People will be very lazy to go the book store to buy that book. But if there is online bookstore which will solve the problem of going near the bookstore to buy the book then why not use it economically? It will also help in saving the time, fuel, energy etc. It will be also useful for the small vendors to sell their books online and make more profit out of it. You will be able to buy the books at anytime from anywhere.

The features that the online bookstore project can include will be as follows:

  • 24*7 availability: The online bookstore application can be made to provide services 24*7.
  • Delivery boy: The delivery boys are required to deliver the books that is booked online to the intended destination. He will be assigned with the particular area where the book items must be delivered.
  • Book items: The book sellers must update the stock of the books available with them so that the customers can buy the book items.
  • Price: The price of the books should also be tagged along with the details of the books.
  • Description: The description of the book should be properly stated.
  • Stock: The available stock must also be specified.

The online bookstore will not only help the vendors to sell their books that are in stock but also will also help the customers to buy their books at ease. It can also help in the improvement of the business of small vendors. It provides the platform for both the small and the large book vendors to sell their books at ease. This online bookstore project requires a strong database that needs to be builded.


Online Book Store

programming language: ASP


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