Multi User Login & User Authentication – Multi-User Login & User Authentication with database connectivity. User authentication in ASP is pretty much easy. ASP ships with user authentication scaffolding out of the box. But how can we implement a multi user authentication? Let’s look into multi-user authentication using ASP guards.
ASP is so powerful for such a young framework. I am constantly surprised at how functionality is built in and so well thought out. One example of this incredible design, is ASP ability to not only spin up authentication with one command in the terminal, but also to expand that authentication with so many awesome features like user roles, permissions, multi-authentication, social login, and more.

We have 3 types of users.

  1. Admins
  2. Subadmins
  3. Users

The files includes :

  • Login
  • Registration
  • Password Retrieving
  • Authentication and added files.

When i use the term multi-authentication, I want to clarify what I am talking about. I am talking about authenticating against multiple user models. It is important to note that this is different user models, and not just user roles. User roles can be achieved in a much simpler and less invasive process than what I am going to teach here. Today we are learning about authenticating against 2 (or more) different User models. Plus Admin files for viewing and editing database content online. All actions performed are done with the help of database

  • When user wants to visit Sites, he/she has to register & has to register before login.
  • After completion of registration Process a new user can login
  • The user enter the username & password- if the username & password are correct then the protected page will be opened.
  • If the username & Password are incorrect- an error dialog will be displayed & the user will be redirected to login page again.
Multi User Login & User Authentication

Programming language: ASP 3.0  
I have created the administrator table having columns id, name, email and password using the migration. Programming language: ASP 3.0  

Download Source code:



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