Exam (using JQuery and Webservice)

Exams are the important part of the student’s life. Every student will be promoted to the next class only when they pass the exams. Through the exams the lectures can check how much the student understands and studies the day to day lessons. There are situations where the students will not be aware of the exams that will be there on the next day and will not be having the details of the time table with them. The exam system is a project that helps to manage the tasks which occur during every examination periods. This project will help in saving a lot of time for examination departs by providing automation to their manual tasks like exam time table generation.

The features that can be included in this application are as follows:

  • Student database management: The information of the students like name, class, section, address, contact number etc can be stored.
  • Performance: The student’s performance in the curricular and co-curricular can also be updated in this application.
  • Exam dates: Some students will not be aware of the exam dates that are approaching. For such students this application will be of great help.
  • Exam results: The students will be able to access their exam results online without coming to school to get to know the results. This will reduce the time, money and effort.
  • Security: Security will be provided to the data that is stored since the unauthorized users will not be having access to the application.
  • Seating plan of the students: The seating arrangement during the examination can be planned using this application.
  • Add new test or exam of subjects: This application can help in adding new exam or test date of the subjects that the student is appearing for.


Exam (using JQuery and Webservice)

programming language: ASP.NET 4.0


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