In this student project guide article we shared SRS Of Office Automation System. The office automation system is an application that is designed to automate the processes that take place in the college office. There are many matters regarding the college that need to be maintained through the online method with the help of some application. The activities, student details and many matters like this can be better managed by the applications which are capable in doing this task. The admission details, students and faculty’s information, feedback system performance of the students, reviews of the particular colleges, suggestions that can be given in some matters needed for improvement can all be dealt easily using the office automation system application.

SRS Of Office Automation System

The existing system involves a lot of human effort and it is difficult to maintain all the records manually through pen paper method. The office automation application must be having a strong back end system to store all the database of the college. This application will help in smooth running of the college management. The modules that can be included in this application are as follows:

  • Attendance: This module requires to enter the user id of the staffs and the students in order to get the attendance.
  • Attendance view: Through this module the yearly or monthly attendance can be viewed.
  • Course: This module will provide the course details of the user.
  • Department entry: The department details can be manipulated through this module.
  • Designation: The designation details of the staffs can be manipulated through this module.
  • Donation: This module will help in manipulating the donation details that have been given by the students.
  • Exam details: The details like subject name, date when the exam is held, pass marks, marks obtained can be manipulated through this module.
  • Fees details: This module will give the fees details.
  • Fees payment: This module will provide the details of whether the fee payment have been done or not.

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