Here we shared SRS For Matrimonial Website which helps to develop online matrimonial project for students. This website project provides matrimonial services to all people. In this website provide matrimonial section where people can register him/her profile and easily find life partner & also you can see news, events and also connecting to different people to latest information & news.


  • ORE: Online Matrimonial site.
  • GUI: Graphical User Interface.
  • RAM: Random Access Memory.
  • SRS: Software Requirement Specification.


The needed requirements for this project has been obtained from Online Matrimonial websites like, ,


The proposed Online Matrimonial Site which is being developed is a System that will provide a information about person nothing but life partner. He/She can find his/her life partner based on his/her qualification, height, cast and second marriage.


The Online Matrimonial Site System real time information about life partner in the site. The Product functions are more or less the same as described in the product perspective. The functions of the system include the system providing different type of services based on the type of users.

  • The website  provides login facility to the users.
  • The Operator should be provide the updated information about person who are register to this site.
  • Provisions for the users to set previlages. He/She can fix priorities also for his searching.
  • The customer can get the information about person that is matches to his/her profile.


  • Administrator: Administrator will be able to do anything they want like adding new agents/users to the system and Permit them with proper access rights.User id and password is given to the agent by administrator.
  • Customer : Users can send mail about their requirements.


  • Each customer must keep their password as confidential. More over the customer must have individual user names for creating a login in the Online Matrimonial Site system. Only Administrator can control customer addition and deletion in the system.
  • The developed system should run under any platform (Unix, Linux, Mac, Windows etc) that contains a web browser.

MODULES OF Online Matrimonial

1) Creation of new User: This process will provide a user account.

  • Input: User id, user password and other personal details.
  • Processing: It will store the User id and password if appropriate in the User database.                 
  • Output: Appropriate Message displayed telling account created. 

2) User verification: This process will verify the user id and password.

  • Input: User id and user password.
  • Processing: It will verify the User id and password from the User database.                 
  • Output: Appropriate Message displayed based on Verification of User id and password  

3) Deleting User:

  • Introduction: Delete Existing User.
  • Input: User id/username.
  • Processing: Deletion of existing User.
  • Output: Existing user deleted from Database

4) Search Process:

Introduction: Search on Advance Search,Quick Search,Search by City,Search by Id,Search by Profession.

  • Input: Search option.
  • Processing: Search based on criteria in database.
  • Output: Availability and locality with its complete details

5) Add New Customer: Introducing a new customer.

  • Input: Username,password and  customer details with attractive photo.
  • Processing: Insertion of new customer details in the database.
  • Output: New Information gets stored in the Database.

6) Paid user registration: Allows the users to finalise their choice as per their budget.

  • Input: User Id, password and requirements.
  • Processing: Search and mailing.
  • Output: update availability in database.

Software Interface

  • Operating System :  Windows XP or above
  • Development tool : Visual Studio 2010(IDE)
  • Data Base : Microsoft SQL server 2008

DOWNLOAD SRS For Matrimonial Website


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