SRS - Development phases

Usually the Development phases comes under SRS. You can write following things under development phases:

  • Developer shall consult with company’s authorized personnel to explore the requirements and design programming specifications.
  • Once Developer has designed said programming specifications, then it will be delivered to Company. Upon approval of the programming specifications, Developer design, in conjunction with Company, an Acceptance test for these specifications. If Company does not approve said specifications, Developer and Company will again consult and restart the procedure.
  • The delivery date may be extended by mutual agreement signed by both parties considering complexity of phase development.
  • Upon delivery, Company or its designated shall conduct the acceptance test and certified accordingly. Upon passing the acceptance test, Company will ensure that Developer has paid full amount.
  • If the program fails to perform the acceptance tests, the parties shall follow this procedure:
    i. Company shall immediately notify Developer by telephone of the failure of the test.
    ii. Company shall then confirm such notice by sending written confirmation of the failure plus proper documentation to Developer by certified mail. Developer may immediately begin reprogramming to remedy the failure.

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