Nowadays most of the purchasing of the items that are needed for the daily basis, can be got through the online mode. There are many shopping websites like Amazon, Flip kart, snap deal, Jabong, Shop Clues and many more. People without wasting much energy in going to the shops to buy the shopping items that are required can purchase it through the shopping websites. The online shopping system is an application that allows the users to shop online without going to the shops to buy them. This will help in saving the energy, fuel, time needed to do the shopping by going to the shops. Any shopping website that is concerned will be able to attract more customers only if the items purchased will be delivered on time. The user interface should be simple and easy to understand even by the common people. The backend should have a strong database. This will be one of the interesting projects that the final year students can work on.

Online Shopping System Software Requirements

The purpose of the online shopping system software requirements is to provide the SRS of the online shopping. The complete description of all the functions and specifications of all the modules will be given in this SRS. The following is the SRS of the online shopping system:

  • Introduction: The overview of the online shopping system will be given in this introduction part.
  • Scope: This document will describe the requirements of the online shopping system.
  • Overview: This system will help in purchasing the products that are listed in the online shopping system.
  • Product perspective: This system will provide the solution in buying and selling the goods online.
  • User characteristics: There are three types of users like admin, vendors or sellers and end users.
  • General constraints: Risks will be involved in checking the genuineness of the buyers.


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