The online banking database design will give the complete details of the tables that are present in the database. A bank can be defined as a financial institution which transacts its business in finance. It accepts deposits from the public and lends loan to those who are in need of it. It collects money, cheques, bills and drafts. There are many activities that take place in the banks. All these activities need to be kept in track. To keep track of all these activities there should be a strong database that can store all the information with great ease. The details of the deposits, withdrawals, cheques, bills and many other details can be just got through one mouse click which can be achieved only if the records are stored in the databases. The database must be strong enough to hold all the table information.

The tables that are present in the online banking system database are as follows:

  • Accounts: This table will contain the type of account a customer can hold and the minimum balance in the account.
  • Compliants: Usually there will be complaints regarding the transactions and many other by the customers. The name of the person who has lodged the complaint and the compliant details ca be stored here.
  • Customer: This table will contain the name, contact, place of birth, account number, balance, account type and many other details of the customer.
  • Interest: This table will contain the account balance, interest and the new account balance of the customer.
  • Loan: This table will contain the account number, account type, loan amount, loan type, duration and email id of the customer.
  • Transactions: The details of the transactions that have taken place in a particular account from time to time are stored in this table with great ease without any difficulty.

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  • Sindhuja Reddy THOGARU

    September 16, 2019 - 11:20 PM

    is there any code available for online banking system?

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