Following Report format is the most important part for MCA final year project. Here we shared MCA Project report Format which applies to some colleges.

MCA Project Report Format

  1. Overall Progress of your project[in Percentage]
    Fill this part only after if have filled all the other sections. Once you fill the next sections, you get a clear idea as to what is your status, mention that here!
  2. Books / Other references:
    Please provide the details of books that you are referring for this project.
  • Project Management: Given details of any project management book, that you are referring, this is optional
  • UML Diagrams: [At least one is compulsory – No website references]
  • Coding: [ For the programming language and Database /Web services / cloud etc. This is compulsory]:
  • Testing: [One book relevant to your programming language is a must]
  • Book on Problem Topic: [ Book / Company resources that you are following to tackle the problem, e.g., if you are developing an accounting package, then you ought to refer an accounting book. This is compulsory]
  1. Identify the Product feature:

Briefly explain the relevant features of your application. Explain how many modules are there in the entire project, and which one you are doing. What features are there in your modules? List them all and give brief description for each of them.

  1. Identify User Classes:

Explain, how many types of users are intended to use your application. for example, application is used by front-end office staff, Manager, System admin etc. List all different types of user and briefly explain, how they interact with the system. In other words, what are the operations performed by each type of user?

  1. Database Design

Identify all tables required for your project. Give details of each table and explain the relationship between them using ER – Diagram. Which level of normalization is followed and why? Give description of each fields within the tables. If you are using XML or JASON, explain the XML Schema or fields. If any other storage technique is used explain it.

  1. Use Cases:

Give various use cases and also the Use case diagrams for all possible scenarios discussed in section 3 and 4.

  1. Test cases:
    Give details of test cases for all the Use cases discussed in section 6
  1. Project time estimation:
    Give details of Formal Estimation Model / Expert estimation / Combination-based estimation.
    Discuss the use of functional points, Cocomo, Boehm’s model etc. and show the time estimate clearly.
    Discussed how many modules are there, what is the estimated time (based on calculations) for design, code and test. And show a Gantt or PERT chart.

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