Here we shared Marble Sales Management System Project Report. Marble Sales Management system is a system designed to automate the functionality of ceramics, marbles, tiles etc. The Marble sales and management system objectives are to provide a system to manage a marble and tiles store and its data which is very huge. The end users’ day-to-day jobs of managing it will be simplified by a considerable amount through the automated system. Automated systems improve efficiency for everyone involved. The company staffs spend less time on paperwork and more time monitoring progress.

Marble Sales Management System Project Report

Programming Langauage:

This project is developed using VB.NET and SQL server. Crystal Report used to generate report.

This system automates the functionality of supplier’s in following ways:

  • Simple and elegant user interface
  • Ability to generate profit and sales report
  • Better management on changing market needs
  • Keeps track of stock, orders and sales
  • Efficient management of Employee and Customer information
  • Keeping track of complaints

Modules of Marble Sales Management System


This module is going deal with the authorization rights related to the application and also rights to maintain the details of the Master tables/Forms included in the applications.

Category Module:

In this module the Application store and maintains the details of the categories by products could be differentiated so that it’s easier to categorize the products by their size and style.

Product Module:

In this module, the Application will stores and maintains the details of the products along  with their category and sub category if it is specified. The size of the item and the quantity of items or the products which has to be stored. The price of the product depends on the size of the marble or a tile. We can also keep updating the information based on the goods.

Supplier Module:

In this module, we store the details about the supplier details who are supplying the goods for the industry. The information like the supplier/dealer name, company name, goods received etc will be stored.


This modules used to store and maintain the details of Customers like customer name, the quantity of goods they have purchased. The customer needs to pay the full amount if the item is available in the warehouse else he will place the order and pay the half amount of the item.


  • Stock: This module is used to keep the Inventory of Stocks including all the products and the quantity of each product.
  • Payments: This modules is used to keep track all the payments done by each and every customers.


  • Sales: Sales report for the particular day, month and the year wise salary is being shown in the form of a report.
  • Purchase: Purchase report which is taken for the particular day from the supplier is being reported. The purchase report is being shown either day wise, monthly and the year wise.
  • Stock: The stock report of the medicines is being generated.

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