The E-Recruitment System is an online system that will help out the organization to select the right person for the job. E-Recruitment problems will solve with the help of data mining techniques. The basic Goal of this project is that identifying talented persons by predicting their performance using past experience and knowledge. An example demonstrates the feasibility of the suggested Data Mining techniques for the employee performance data.

This system will use some Artificial Intelligence Techniques for Decision Making. It aims to facilitate organizational competitiveness; enhance productivity and quality; promote individual growth and development; and complying with the legal and social obligation. When thousands of the People apply for a job in any organization it will difficult for any organization to select the right person for any particular job, at that point our DNA system will solve the problems of decision making. It will maintain all the database of the employees and classify the employees based on skills and experience.

SDLC methodology (System Development Life Cycle) will used to break down the project system into an adaptable and manageable phase to develop the E-Recruitment system web project.Thereafter, team will provide a progress report before the development phase starts. At this stage client will accept the progress if it satisfies the client’s need then we move to other phase or if the client will not be satisfied with the phase, team will change it according to the client’s requirements.

The website will keep the records of every employee, classifies the person with the help of his previous experience and skills, and predict the best person who is perfect for job. Employees will register on to the website and add the best skills with their previous experience. The website will determine the Best Talented Employees with DMA technique for Job allocation.

DMA (Data Mining Algorithm) is a technique for KNN (K Nearest Neighbour) implemented for a prediction on the statistical data stored in the database (Item based + user based KNN) this will look after the entire data of employees and compare it with all other employee’s data. Scenarios based testing and GUI testing will be done in future.

Project Scope

Eagle Eye Web Developers Pty Ltd Company develops the E- Recruitment System that will help out the organization in the selection of the best employees for particular jobs. It will improve the Organization Performance and standards

Following are the requirements of the organization.

The admin must be able to:

  • Admin can only access the Website
  • Able to view the details of employees Skills
  • Upload the new selection criteria
  • View Topic recommended employees
  • View the dynamic reports generated to make better decision.
  • Admin allocate employers and provide them space to launch new job
  • Employers update information regarding jobs availabilities

Persons would also be able to:

  • Employees register them self as a Job Seeker
  • View the all available jobs on this website
  • Update the skills and experience
  • Update their latest resume and edit it any time
  • Get the latest job information direct to their E-mailing and SMS system
  • View jobs according to any particular category

The main purpose of this system is to save the time and cost of any organization in the recruitment criteria.  The system will predict the best suitable candidate for the job so it will help organizations in the decision-making. Artificial Intelligence Techniques will use for classification of data and the job availabilities.


In the E – Recruitment System there will be no Job seekers going involve in this business. Through this, website company and the project sponsors or shareholders have an excellent opportunity to expand their business and make some additional profit by the technique called DMA for making decisions on the reports generated. An online system can provide significant benefits in improved sales and marketing opportunities such as:

  • Attract new Job Seekers
  • There will be no cost for applying the Job
  • A way to keep a record of their job seekers selections
  • An easy to way to inform job seekers about new jobs via auto SMS and e-mailing facilities

This is very important since the competition is just one click away. As there are different online, websites for the same purpose, then why job seekers will prefer our website as we have introduced E – Recruitment System, which provide with many features and every feature provide a different functionality. Moreover, we are going to introduce the latest technique called DMA for decision-making system that will help employers to choose right candidate for the right job. This application will  helpful to improve business, increase sale & promotions by identifying with the help of charts where the business is performing well, where underperforming, provide evidence to inform decision making, use historical data to analyse trends and improve business.

Utilizing, the data mining technique to extract the unstructured knowledge will discovery by analyzing data store in the large repository. Using KNN helped in finding predictive information from large repository that handed analysis will done by applying for a targeted market. KNN applied whenever a new user is registered on this website finding its nearest neighbor (profile base rating) on the basis of information input by the user that is demographic information and explicitly retrieving other relevant information helpful in finding its neighbors like OS information and live IP data. Through this technique employees will easily find the jobs in their surrounding areas.

Download complete project report:

download project report


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