Here we shared Detailed Design Document For Library Management System. The detailed design document for library management system will give the detailed design document for the library management system.  The main aim of the detailed design is to provide the internal logic for each modules of the library management system. These modules will be identified during the system design phase. Library is the place from where the students and the faculties issue the books for their reference purposes. But the maintenance of keeping the records of issuing and borrowing is difficult if you use a normal book as a registry. To make this task easier, the library management system database will be very useful.

Detailed Design Document For Library Management System

Structure of software package:

The software package consists of following functional components.

  • Functional component 1: Registration.
  • Functional component 2: Book issue.
  • Functional component 3: Book return.
  • Functional component 4: Search/view book details.
  • Functional component 5: Update book details.
  • Functional component 6: Payment (Fine).

The structures of the software package are as follows:

  • Register user: A new user can be registered in this component.
  • Book issue: Books can be issued to the user and can be added as a record in the database.
  • Book return: The books will be returned by the user within the final date.
  • Search/View Book details: This component allow to search or view the books. If located in the particular shelf, it can be searched in order to get the exact location of the book.
  • Update: The book details can be updated through this component.
  • Payment: Manually the payment must be done if the return date exceeds the final date.

The components that are involved in the module decomposition are as follows:

  • Student details: Here all the student details like name, course, books details etc can be added.
  • Delete student details: This component will allow to delete the student details previously entered.
  • Book issue: This component will allow the librarian to issue the book to the students.
  • Book return: This component ensures that the user must return the book on the given date otherwise the user will be asked to pay the fine for the number of days.

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