The colleges will require a leader who will be a representative of the students. So the voting process will be carried out where the students will be having the capacity to select their representative. Usually the voting process takes place through a pen paper method where the students need to write the name of the representative a paper. It will be time consuming and involves a more effort in order to count the votes that are given by the students. So to avoid such situation, the college voting system is proposed. This will be one of the interesting projects that one can work on. Project title College Voting System in VB.NET given because this project developed in VB.NET.

College Voting System in VB.NET

College Voting System in VB.NET

In the normal voting system, there will be chances of some votes getting missed since it is done through the pen paper mode. Through the use of college voting system there will be no chance of any votes getting missed. The user interface must be simple and easy to understand. The students should just select the person whom they wish to vote. Results will also be declared in a short period of time. In order to have an efficient voting system the colleges can use this application with great ease. The features that can be included in the college voting application are as follows:

  • Student database management: The details of the students like name, section, course can all be stored with ease through this application.
  • Contestants information: The details of the contestants like name, section and other details can be maintained through this application with great ease.
  • Increases counting speed: The counting speed will be increased since the votes can be counted within a small amount of time without any difficulty.
  • Security: The data that is stored in this application will be secure only the authorized users will be having the right to update the information.


The “VOTE PLUS” software is based on an election activity for each student voting for a particular candidate he wishes to. Each student will be given a unique username and password. As soon as he logins by entering his username and password, a menu form will be shown with its first option as candidate list where all the candidates’ information standing for the election will be shown. Next procedure is the voting section where the user can vote for any candidate he wishes to.

There are 3 categories in the candidate post i.e., President, Secretary, Joint Secretary. The user can vote to any 1 from these 3 categories. The system will not provide the user to vote for more than 1 candidate in each category. This completes the voting procedure. All the data’s are being stored in the database.

Admin has his own username and password. Admin Provides username and password for other user’s .He also has the right to insert candidate’s name. And he also has the right to edit and delete those details to/from the list. The result will be shown. Only admin has the authority to see the results.


  • Language: Microsoft Visual Studio(VB.NET)
  • Database: Microsoft SQL server


“Vote plus” software developed for a school or to a college has been designed to achieve maximum efficiency and reduce the time taken to handle the Election activity. It is designed to replace an existing manual record system thereby reducing time taken for calculations and for storing data. The system uses VB .Net as front end and Microsoft SQL as a backend for the database.

The system is strong enough to withstand regressive yearly operations under conditions where the database is maintained and cleared over a certain time of span. The implementation of the system in the organization will considerably reduce data entry, time and also provide readily calculated reports.

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