This page has Automatic Digital Tap Project Report. As we know the use of wash basins at this time is still using the conventional system of using mechanical taps controlled by humans. Users also often face the problem where it is easily damaged by the negligence of other users. The tap in the public toilets used to get damage within a year. Due to this water starts leaking through the tap which leads to the wastage of water.

The Automatic Digital Tap is an easy, efficient, user convenient and economical tap. Even though, the digital tap has already been implemented in the real world but this tap is an attempt to reduce the power consumption and the cost as well. The digital tap can work with a very low power supply and without any use of water pump and separate tank. The existing digital tap make use of solenoid which has only two states i.e. ON and OFF state. But digital tap can also control the flow of water. Also solenoid consumes a lot of power to run. Our digital tap does not make use of any solenoid. Besides this, we use geared motor which is able to do the same task in the 5V power supply which is less than solenoid power consumption, as we are not using solenoid, it will directly effect on the cost. The cost of the existing digital tap available in the market is between Rs 3000 to Rs 12000. But the cost of digital tap is just Rs 1500 with modes such as Drinking Tap mode, Toilet Tap mode, Hand washing tap mode, Watering mode and functionalities of water flow control and timer. We are also providing a feature which can sense the humidity of the soil and can water plants.

NEED OF Automatic Digital Tap

  • To save water for the future use.
  • To eliminate the damage of taps specially in public areas.
  • To water plants in remote areas without any need of supervision.
  • To reduce bad smell in public toilets by automatic flushing.
  • To reduce diseases spread by using public toilets, washrooms & drinking water taps
  • To reduce wastage of water by automatically opening and closing.
  • To open and close tap situated at remote location.

Download Automatic Digital Tap Project Report


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