Mainly this project is aimed at developing a Survey of schools for a University. School Survey Project is a web based for project for analyzing statistics of a school performance by comparing various years report. This application is useful for schools to understand performances and improve standards of school. This project source code is developed in PHP programming language and MYSQL database used as backend.

School Survey Project

The existing system is completely based on the manual work. This web application helps admin and users to check survey reports anytime through online. Admin has permissions to check various reports through online. It has additional feature in the home page which is open to all. Home page is the main page of the website. Here Visitors or management can view Galleries, News and events, Latest updates, all schools and colleges contact details, etc.

Project category: RDBMS (Relational Database Management System)

Programming language:

  • Front End: PHP 5.3
  • Back End: My SQL 5.5


  • Home Page
  • Admin Dashboard
  • Survey module
  • Employee module
  • Gallery Module
  • Contact module
  • Events module
  • News and Updates
  • Logout

Following features are there in the project:

  • Administrator can view survey report, he can add users record, All institution records. Admin can publish news articles, gallery photos, etc.
  • Administrator can configure complete website.
  • All the survey report can be view in survey report page.
  • Callege staff records can be added in staff page.
  • Suppose if any new institutions or colleges joining in survey program then we can add their institute records.
  • News can be published in post news section. Public members can view published news.
  • We can create gallery and upload photos in the gallery section . Uploaded photos will be displayed in the gallery menu.
  • Admin profiles can be updated in the configuration section.
  • Different types of survey reports can be viewed in Report section.
  • After adding the survey everything will be displayed in survey report.

College staff can view following survey:

  • Community wise strength
  • Staff Communitywise Strength
  • Misc. details
  • Payments
  • Infrastructural Facilities
  • Strong points & Drawbacks
  • Problems

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