Now a days QR code(Quick Response Code) is widely used in recent applications for payment gateway, app download link, business cards, UPI payment, PayTM payment, etc. QR code is a Two Dimensional barcode, first designed on 1994 in Japan. Now a days QR code become popular because it has ability to store huge data and smart phone scans QR code easily.

PHP QR Code generator

Method 1:

Google provide API to generate QR code:×250&cht=qr&

  • In the chs we have mentioned 250×250. This 250×250 is the size of the QR image you want to generate.
  • In the chl we can put url-encoded string. This string will appear in the QR output. This you can give anything. But it allows maximum 100 characters.
  • The choe is the (optional) encoding. We have used UTF-8

Method 2:
Another method to generate QR code is using open source code PHP QR Code which is very easy to configure. This will support for Numeric, Alphanumeric encoding. This is developed purely in PHP. This exports PNG and JPEG images. Even this has API integration features. In case of any errors user can debug using Debug data dump, error logging, time benchmarking. Its 100% Open Source and LGPL Licensed.

To download source code  and more information about this:-



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