Online Shopping Cart project manages online Sales and Inventory System for a departmental store. In this web application the companies or sellers can sell products through online. This system can be used to store the details of the inventory, update the inventory based on the sale details, produce receipts for sales, generate sales and inventory reports periodically.

The main aim of this project is Customers can buy products through online without visiting stores, mart, etc. It generates reports when the customer buys a product. Also it stores customer records, purchase details, seller’s information and product information, etc.

Online Shopping Cart

Advantages of Online Shopping Cart:

  • Customers can order products faster and easier.
  • The Website Administrator can track customer records, seller information, purchase details, Order details, Payment details, etc.
  • Once the customer purchase the products the system generates bill automatically including VAT.
  • The seller can check sales details, billing information, Customer records.

Languages to be Used:

  • Design: HTML, CSS
  • Programming Language: PHP
  • Database: MySQL Server 5.5
  • Script: Javascript, Jquery, Ajax

Modules of Online Shopping Cart

  • Admin login:

The website administrator has full control of the website. The website administrator manages product details, sellers information, etc.

  • Category Module:

This module will store and maintains the details of the categories by products which could be differentiated so that it is easier to search for the product.

  • Product Module:

This module will stores and maintains the details of the products along with their description and quantity.

  • Supplier Module:

This module will stores and maintains the details of the Supplier. Supplier will receive login information after registration.

  • Customer Login:

To purchase products from E Commerce site customer should register to the site. After registration customer can login to the website by entering userid and password.

  • Payments & Bill Maintenance:

This modules is used to keep track all the payments done by each and every customers.

  • Feedback and reviews :

This module will handle storing the reviews from the Customers and assigning complaints to Technicians and also viewing the status of the reviews and work for betterment.

Video Demonstration:

Download Source code:

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Download link contains Synopsis and Complete source code with database. For other documentation Please refer this link.

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