This Online school management system project developed using PHP, MYSQL, CSS, JS, HTML. This project is developed for local school, earlier this school was doing paper work to store all the details. We have collected all the necessary requirements to develop this project. This project covers new admission detail, fee payment record, Transport detail, Academic details, Class student details, attendance and examination marks, staff details, etc. It has two types of users i.e; admin and staff.

Online School Management System

Modules of this project:

  • Login module: admin or user can login to the system by entering login credentials. If the login ID is valid then the system will display accessible menus.
  • Admission module: In the admission module user can add student admission record by entering student profile, parent detail, passport photo, etc. Students admission id or Unique ID will be generated at this time. Student details can be viewed in the student module.
  • Fee payment module: In this module user can add fee details of the student. In the fee payment status user can view fee payment details.
  • Transport detail: This will display transportation details.
  • Academic master: This module allows user to enter Academic details with medium, Class, Section, etc.
  • Attendance module: This module allows user to enter attendance records.
  • Marks entry module: Daily examination marks entry can be done in this module.
  • Admin and user: Admin has full authority and user has limited authority. Admin can view all the menus and some menus restricted to the user.

Database Tables: All the record in this project stores in mysql database. This project has 21 tables and default name of the database is school. The main tables are:

  • admin
  • attendance
  • caste
  • fee
  • marks
  • parent
  • payfee
  • religion
  • staff
  • student
  • subject
  • test
  • transport
  • users
  • vstudent

Tools used to develop this project:

  • Software: XAMPP
  • IDE: Notepad++
  • Front End: php
  • Back End: MySQL

Login credentials:

  • Admin Login ID: admin | Admin password : admin
  • User Login ID: user | User password : user


  • Jyothi Babu Araja

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  • Vinay Patkar

    August 6, 2019 - 8:12 PM

    Hi Dear,

    I am Assistant Teacher in Basic Education. I want to prepare a database of my school students. How to use this software.

  • Vinay Patkar

    January 4, 2019 - 9:43 PM

    Hi Dear,

    I am Assistant Teacher in Basic Education. I want to prepare a database of my school students. How to use this software.

  • neeru verma

    May 4, 2021 - 10:21 PM

    I want a fee record management system for my project. how a get this?? plss help

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