As the name suggests, the online grocery website application helps the customers in seeing to it that they do not run out of the grocery stock. This application will help the enterprises and the restaurants in maintaining their businesses well. Grocery is one of the important factors for the enterprises in need of it and also the restaurants. Most of the time people will not know when they will run out of grocery stock. They might have written the stock of the grocery that is present in the enterprise through some paper work. At these situations, this grocery stock management will be of great help.

Online Grocery Website

Online grocery website application will help the owners of the restaurants and the enterprises in the smooth running of the business. This will be one of the best systems which will ensure transparency.  With the improvement in the technology, even the people can enjoy a smart way of doing things related to the grocery stock. This system will help in reducing the pen paper work. Once the stock has been arrived, the details of the stock arrived can be entered into this system with great ease. Even the approximate date on which the stock might get over can also be calculated.

The features that can be included in the online grocery website application are as follows:

  • Grocery database management: The details related to the grocery that has been arrived and other details can be stored in the database with great ease.
  • Stocks available: The details of the grocery stock that is available can also be obtained through this application.
  • Notification: If the enterprise or the restaurant is running out of stock then they can be notified through this application.
  • Price: Even the prices of the groceries that are there can also be stored through this application.

 Download Source code:

Download Project Source Code


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