Infocomm Call Center is the website application for office use. This website is call center management system project application, which collects all the company data and their business details. All the detail stores in their database. Even this stores customer database. It provides link betweenCustomer to seller and Seller to customer. This web application developed using PHP and MySQL.

Infocomm Call Center

Project modules of Infocomm Call Center

This Infocomm Call Center project has 7 modules. Those modules are:

  • Login module : In the login module administrators or employees can login to the website by entering login credentials. If the entered login ID and password is valid then the system redirects to dashboard page.
  • Dashboard module: The dasboard module displays brief details of number of branches, advertisements, advertisers, customers, Subscribers, Daily report, weekly summary and monthly summary.
  • Branch module: In the branch module admin can add branch details, employee details, call center executive details, and information collection agents details.
    • Add Edit Delete view Branch
    • Add Edit Delete view Employee records
    • Add Edit Delete view Call center executive records
    • Add Edit Delete view information collection agents
  • Call center module: In the call center module call center representative can seach queries given by customers. For example, if any customer asking about software company in bangalore, first the system stores customer details and then the system provides bangalore software company details to the user.
  • Advertisers module: The call center representatives can add advertiser detail or company details. After adding advertiser detail then the call center representatives can add advertisements or product details which is dealing by advertisers. Advertiser should renew their service on annual basis.
    • Add Edit Delete view advertiser record
    • Add Edit Delete view Advertisement or product record
    • View Expired advertisements.
  • Customers module: In the customer module customer database can be viewed.
    •  Add Edit Delete view customer record
    • View Customer enquiry details
  • Settings module: In the settings module user can add product category and sub category records.
    • Add Edit Delete view category record
    • Add Edit Delete view sub category record

Programming Language:

  • Design: HTML, CSS, Javascript
  • Front End: PHP
  • Back End: MySQL

Video Preview:

Download source code:

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