The Human Resource Management System HRMS can be used to manage the Human Resource of a company. The system helps a company to create vacancies and accept applications from the applicants, online. It also keeps the administrator updated with the progress of a team in the task assigned. It can also generate payroll automatically.

The HRMS is a web based application and it can be accessed over the internet. Job seekers can view job vacancies and he can apply for the jobs. Employees, HR team and administrator can login to the system by entering Login Id and password. The administrator is the main user of this web application and he can add employee details, vacancy details, HR details, etc.

Human Resource Management System

Programming language

  • Language Used  :  PHP
  • Database  :   MySQL

Human Resource Management System Project modules

  • Employee record module: This module consists all the records of the employees it also allows insertion and deletion of employee records. The existing records can also be updated.
  • Payroll module: This module generates the payroll for individual employee based on few attributes like, number of hours worked, basic pay, PF amount to be deducted, etc. i.e., this module calculates the net pay of an employee.
  • Earnings module: This sub module calculates the gross earnings of the employee based on the number of hours worked, Over-time hours, etc.
  • Deduction module: This sub module calculates the gross deductions to be made from the gross earnings of the employee.
  • Project management module: This module keeps the updates about the progress of an assigned project. i.e., it allows the employee to update his/her progress in the task that was assigned to him/her.
  • Vacancies module: This module allows the firm to update the vacancies in its firm in its site so that applicants can apply for the appropriate posts. And then the firm can broadcast the results.
  • Interviews module: Through this module the firm can schedule the interviews for the applicants.
  • Applicant module: This module allows an applicant to upload his/her details for the vacancy and also upload the required documents.
  • Attendance module: This module keeps a track of the employees’ attendance. It also keeps the record of the employees’ leave application and the leaves taken by the employee.

HRMS user types

  • Applicants:The applicant can view the vacancies in the company and also submit an application for the vacancy through online.
  • Employees:The employees can view their payroll, check the details of an assigned project and also update the same.
  • HR Team:The HR team is responsible for creating vacancies, processing the applications for the vacant posts, scheduling interviews, etc.
  • Project Manager:The Project Manager can assign a project to a team of employees and also view their progress in the assigned project.
  • Administrator:The administrator has the full authority over the system. He can view all the employee records, project details etc. and also edit them.

HRMS Context Flow Diagram


HRMS Top Level DFD


HRMS ER Diagram

HRMS ER Digram

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