Leave Management System

The employees will be having a count of the leaves that they can take at the time of urgency. But when the leaves in their account are empty then they need to literally beg their higher authorities for leaves which will be a tedious job. As the name suggests, the leave management application will allow the employees to apply for the leaves through the online mode by specifying a valid reason for the leave. This can also be implemented at the school and the college levels where the students can apply for the leave. It also allows one to get to know about the number of the leaves taken.

The user interface must be simple and easy to understand. There will be only one admin and many clients or the employees. Client can be added to the leave management application only after the approval of the admin. The client can pick the future date to apply for the leave. He must also mention the reason for the leave in a precise way. Once all the details will be filled, the client can submit the details. It depends only on the admin whether to approve the leave or not to the client. The features that can be included in the leave management application are as follows:

  • Employee database management: There will be many employees in the organization whose data must be organized in a well organized manner.
  • Reason specified: There should be a reason specified for the leave that is applied for.
  • Online simplicity: Applying for the leaves can be done through the online mode without any confusion.
  • Easy to use: The interface must be simple and easy to use.
  • Reports: The reports of the worked days and the leaves taken can be shown in a well organized way.



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