Encryption & Decryption Using Deffie Hellman Algorithm

The encryption and decryption of the data is required in today’s world in order to save the data from the external users or attackers. Encryption is one of the techniques for providing security for the data that has been sent by the sender. There will be different algorithms used in order to achieve the encryption of the data. This application will allow the user to send the plain text to the destination. What if it can be achieved through the use of some application?  Yes, it is possible through the use of encryption and decryption using Deffie Hellman algorithm application. This will be one of the interesting applications that one can work on and implement in real time world. The files can be encrypted or decrypted with great ease through the use of this application in cloud. People can rely on this application with ease.

People are forgetting some important things that need to be done on the particular day and time. The reason for this is the busy work schedule in today’s world. Personal information can be stored with great ease since there will be authentication that is done through the use of encryption of the data stored as notes. The user interface must be simple and easy to understand even by the common man. This application will allow the users to organize the data in a simpler and easy way. If you want the application to look colorful then even the themes can be set for your application with great ease. People The features that can be included in encryption and decryption using Deffie Hellman algorithm application are as follows:

  • User friendly: This application will be user friendly since the user interface will be simple.
  • Data security: The data that is stored through the files will be in safer hands.
  • Ease of access: This application can be accessed at anytime and anywhere from the world.
  • Reliable: This application can be easy and reliable to use.



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