Cotton School

We are developing the proposed Cotton School project by using ASP.Net as Front End and SQL server as back end. Main advantage of this web based application is it is not expensive and its hardware and software requirements are less compared to other applications. Schools which is having desktops/laptops and internet connection can use this application easily. They can access this application from anywhere, any time by successfully logging in to it. Bishop Cotton School uses centralized database and any user can access it by using a standard internet accessible system at any time. We can modify Cotton School project based on individual school requirements.

Administrators: The administrators can take more effective decisions with the help of accurate information which they got by using the School Management System. Parents can get to know about their children’s grades by accessing this application, administrative tools helps teachers and administrators to access information quickly and saves their time and students can get their own progress with the help of this web based application. This system is very useful for the administrators because they can generate student’s reports, set time schedules quickly, check grades of each student and by just few clicks they can retrieve accurate attendance records, transcripts, form letters and student mark cards.

Teachers: Teachers can complete student’s grade book, check the student attendance records, create class notes, lesson plans and detailed reports by using this School Management System. Also they can communicate through email with other teachers, students and their parents.

Students: Students can use this system to check their progress report, marks card, attendance records and grades through internet. They can login to this system at anytime and can send email to other students and teachers.

Proposed System:

We can make accurate calculation and store sensitive important data by computerizing this system. After successful login to this system, the user can view source code, all student records, tasks, team information, other members details and activities just by few clicks. User can save his time and can generate record cards, reports and create schedules quickly. Also he can communicate with other system users through e-mail.

Software Requirements:




Hardware Requirements:

Processor: Intel P4 1.5GHz or above

RAM: Minimum 512MB RAM

Hard Disk: Minimum 80GB HDD

Monitor: 14” size VGA Color monitor

Mouse: 3 Button scroll/ wireless mouse

Keyboard: Minimum 108 keys

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