All the schools, colleges and the universities all over the globe will be having the work of keeping the track of the student details, information related to health, and other requirements that a student requires. But managing this information through the pen paper mode will be a tedious job. All the information must be taken and stored in a well organized way. People today are lazy to do hard work. They need the work to be done in a simple and smart way. The student monitoring system project will help the staffs to keep track of the student’s performance, health and other requirements that the student needs.

Student Monitoring System

Each and every information recorded through the pen and paper is not good at all times. There should be improvement in all aspects as the technology is also improving day by day. If the information of the student is required at any time, that is obtained at ease without any problem with just one mouse click through this project. The student monitoring system is the project that is not only meant to keep the details of the students related to name, age, class, results, address, contact number of parents and many other information. Through this project, the staffs can also store the information related to health, performance and other requirements of the students. Some of the features that this project can include are as follows:

  • Health: In schools or colleges, there will be some health checkups that will be organized. The details related to the checkup that the child has undergone can be recorded here.
  • Performance: Performance of the students like in various aspects like results, behavior, extra- curricular activities and the rewards that the student has obtained can also be recorded.
  • Other requirements: The other requirements that the kid require can also be stored.
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    i need student monitoring system source files

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