Every person who is the citizen of his country has a basic fundamental right of casting votes to the candidates of their choice. The online voting system is an application that needs to be implemented for casting of votes by the people from anywhere in the world and at anytime. People go to the polling places, stand in long queues and caste their valuable votes. This is a hectic and a tiring task. Some people who stay abroad will not be able to cast their votes since only for the sake of casting votes they need to come to their hometown.


The features of this online voting system can include the following:

  • Voter-id: It is the identity that one has to have to cast one’s vote. The online voting system asks for the voter id number for verification then only you will able to cast your votes online.
  • Parties to be voted: There will be various parties for which the vote must be casted.

We see many old people who will not be able to walk come to the polling places to cast their votes. This application will help the government to work better and also provides a chance for the people to enjoy a modern way of voting system. People living abroad will be having a desire to cast their votes but it will not be possible for them to do so. This application can be also applicable to the voting that take place in schools and colleges where the students can cast their votes through this application. In order to take the opinion of all the employees of the organization, this application can be used. This application will be useful to the old people and also the handicapped people without coming to the polling places to cast their votes.



  • Gebru

    August 6, 2019 - 8:53 PM

    How can I download the source code please?

  • Gebru

    May 12, 2019 - 9:16 AM

    How can I download the source code please?

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