Online Airline Ticket Reservation System

The main objective of this project is to develop a website that allows the passenger to book the online air tickets through an effective and simple Graphical User Interface (GUI). This project is developed for the passengers who want to travel in the airways. By using this project, they can compare the air ticket prices of various companies.

Purpose of the Project

We developed the Online Airline Ticket Reservation System mainly for the people who would like to travel through airways. By using internet, the passengers can access this system.

This website is WAP enabled. WAP will make this website to accept the requests from other alternative devices like PDA’s and WAP-enabled browsers. This project is very useful for the passengers who compare the ticket prices of various Airlines for their selected source and destination cities and the passengers who use the hand-held devices to book their online air tickets.


1. Dynamic Bandwidth Calculation:

We will calculate the bandwidth of user. Based on the client’s bandwidth, we will redirect him either to the Text-Version or to the Graphical Version.

2. Sitemap:

We are giving a site map of this website to the passengers for easy access of all pages. The sitemap contains all the links in all pages. Based on the functionality of the pages, we categorized the pages in this website.

3. Flash Images of Flights:

In this project, we created the flight detail images. By using flash, we integrated those images and shown the seating arrangement of the flight to the user. Before entering into the flight, the user can know the details of the flight’s emergency exit doors, lavatory details and seating arrangement.

4. Airport Layouts:

This project shows the airport layouts to the user. Hence, the user can know the details of airline counter before he arrives to the airport. Then can directly go to the concerned counter and collect his travel ticket easily.

5. Points Based System:

In this project, we can attract the regular customers by giving some discounts on the ticket price. Based on the points they achieve we will give discounts on their ticket price. For example, we can give 10 % discount for a transaction of Rs. 25,000. By this method we can increase the number of customers.

Tomcat Server

Tomcat server is an enterprise class, robust web server that comes with Java Servlets and JSP. It will provide a java application server environment.

The reason behind choosing tomcat is its scalability. Now, we are using java technology for portability. Tomcat server is very useful when we want our site to reach more peoples. Tomcat can be deployed in conjunction with other web servers including Netscape Enterprise Server, Microsoft Internet Information Server and Microsoft Personal Web Server. Also Tomcat can be deployed as a standalone product with its own internal Web server.