Vehicle Fuel Theft System

Vehicle Fuel Theft SystemThe main objective of the Vehicle Fuel Theft System is to detect and control the vehicle fuel theft using Microcontroller. Today vehicle fuel theft is happening everywhere. The increase of fuel price is the main reason behind the vehicle fuel theft. We developed this project to reduce the vehicle fuel theft.

In this project, we placed five sensors inside and surrounding the petrol tank. If someone tries to theft the petrol from the vehicle, the petrol flow will be high. If flow of petrol is high then sensor will sense it. Later, the sensor sends the message to the micro controller. The micro controller will turn on the alarm and alarm will alerts the user. If the vehicle is in running condition the petrol flow is very slow. So, the sensor will not consider the petrol flow. This is the main concept of this project.

The balance quantity of the petrol in petrol tank will be displayed on LCD display. The current level of the petrol in petrol tank is stored on the memory device. This project is very useful for the vehicle drivers.